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About Diced Chef Gear
Diced Chef Gear was created for the inventive chef to display thier creativity on the plate and on thier back.
Our coats were designed to be worn by professionals as well as the home chef. But also be suitable as street and club wear. 

The Diced concept  is based on the emerging subculture that 
understands and embraces art, fresh flavors, and good tunes. We've deemed this group "The Diced Republic".
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The Diced mission is to provide modern styles for those who are on the cutting edge and use food as thier canvas.

The Diced recipe of life is a heaping portion of friends 
and family, paired with music 'n micro-brews, and a side
of fresh foods and fresh tattoos.

The Minds Behind Diced

Diced Chef Gear is the result of a colaberation of 3 childhood friends blending thier talents and styles to create the future of chef gear.

Darrin "Big B" Beni is a professionally trained chef that has worked in many aspects of the food industry. He rediscovered his passion for food after he left behind his music career as front man of Pavement Recording Artist L.U.N.G.S.

Blake & Lane Ergle has owned and designed a successful clothing line that has sponsored many atheletes including a professional MMA fighter and an X-Games medal winner. 

Combining thier knowledge, experience, and vision, this team has created a new and exciting concept. Stay tuned because this is just the begining.